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Partnerships with Lighthouse Academy Canada

Lighthouse Academy Canada is a Ministry listed online private high school that offers Grade 9-12 credit courses. It hosts the course curriculum both in asynchronous and synchronous methods. LHA is open to work in coordination with other schools and organizations around the world to provide quality education to local and international students. Our high efficient admin staffs and high qualified OCT teachers are our core resources and with their help we are working tirelessly to build new relationships with partners that will succeed the students. Lighthouse Academy Canada will provide the perfect environment to adapt studying in Canada and prepare for college/university preparation for international students. Through the referral of our partners, the students will have the opportunity to experience best study in Canada.

Why do the partners keep trust on Lighthouse Academy?

  • LHA ensures quality education taught by experienced Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT).
  • All the major courses are offered in 2020-2021 sessions, such as, Math, Science, Physics, Biology, Computer Sciences, English, ESL etc.
  • Register and start the courses anytime and no need to worry about semester systems.
  • Students can complete the courses within 12 months period.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous learning method including real-time virtual, interactive classes.
  • Online from anywhere worldwide without needing of study permit.
  • Routine parents-teachers virtual meeting on update of achievement.
  • LHA offers all levels of courses, such as, university, College, Mixed, Open etc.

If you are interested to learn more about LHA partnerships, please submit the information request form below.

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