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Frequently asked questions

  1. LHA offers credit courses for grade 9 to grade 12 students. The courses are 100% online and a student has the freedom to complete the course at his/her own pace within a 12-month duration after registration.
  2. Student submits the assignments using LHA’s online system that is personalized for each student. The teacher grades the assignment and provides feedback to the students. The tests, quizzes, and final exam are also conducted online.
  3. The final exam is given online with appropriate proctoring support.
  4. Upon completion of the final exam, the final report card is sent to the prescribed addresses.

LHA offers both credit and non-credit courses for Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Yes, students registering for a credit course are qualified to register in several free courses offered at LHA, for example, Art and Design, Introductory ESL, Islamic lesson, Bengali, and others.

Each course has a flexible timing structure to complete, which is a 12 month-long window. However, the registered students may choose to complete the course requirements in shorter time frame, given they put required effort toward that.

The courses are offered in both synchronous and asynchronous mode. In synchronous mode, the class teacher will deliver online lecture and the students will go with the teacher’s pace. On the other hand, the asynchronous mode of learning is a kind of self-paced plan with the option to communicate with the teacher via email, discussion forum, and chat. The cost of these two modes of course delivery is:

  • Asynchronous learning: CAN$ 449.00
  • Synchronous learning: CAN$ 749.00

LHA interacts with the home school in these cases:

  • After a student enrolls in a course
  • At midpoint for sending the midterm report card
  • At the end after the final exam for sending the final report card

Usually it is the home school that maintains the OST for local students, while LHA itself does that for the international students.

No, the registration is open throughout the year. All registration processes can be completed online from LHA website.

Yes, students can enroll in a course and do the coursework remotely.

We do not offer a refund of the course fee. However, it is possible for a student to transfer to another course within 7 days of the registration and provided that he/she is eligible to take the target course with respect to the pre-requisite.

Yes, we have regular registration for courses during summer as well.