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The Lighthouse Academy (LHA) focused on five traits that not only set students apart from what they expect, but also exemplify what they set in themselves as they conduct their daily work of educating others. These five life skills serve students well and are an integral part of the education imparted by LHA. This kind of skill our students endure long after they finish their work with us.

  • Responsibility: Responsibility means understanding one’s roles and duties and being accountable for what is required in order to achieve one’s goals.
  • Respect: Respect means treating others positively by demonstrating an awareness of their unique qualities as well as their roles, duties, and goals.
  • Integrity: Integrity means consistently acting in an honest, trustworthy, and respectful way.
  • Perseverance: Perseverance means setting attainable, relevant, and worthwhile goals and remaining dedicated to achieving them.
  • Innovation: Innovation means creatively approaching tasks and challenges by developing new methods, ideas, or products.